Friday, January 20, 2017

DIY comfy pillow bed

Today I'm sharing a sweet little sewing project I created for Fiskars recently. It's a comfortable pillow bed that not only serves as a cozy spot to relax, it's perfect for kid sleepovers too. I chose to create mine using this soft textured minky fabric because who doesn't love sinking in to cozy, warm material.

To make this project, you're essentially creating one large pillowcase then sewing channels for each individual pillow. You can make it as long as you like, simply by adding enough length for more pillows. The pillows stay tucked inside the bed because you also sew a pillowcase flap to hold them in. You can also easily remove the pillows so that the pillow bed can be thrown in the wash.

My daughter loves this bed and likes to fold it up like a chair and lean it against a wall so that she can sit and read.

Find out all the details on how to make this here.



  1. I love it! This is brilliant. I'm going to make one!


  2. very informative Thank you.


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