Figgy's Patterns

I recently took part in a pattern tour for the latest collection of sewing patterns by Figgy's Patterns. You can find all the info about the patterns and Spoonflower's lovely new modern jersey I used to sew up the tees, over on the Fiskateer blog.


  1. I have been ooing and ahhing over the green easter dress you made last year for your you remember what kind of fabric you used??


    1. Thanks! It was a Kona cotton, but I'm afraid I don't remember the name of the color. ~Emma

    2. Thanks - Heather (accidentally posting as my husband) PS - did you have any trouble with it being wrinkly in the kona? I was considering a Pima

    3. The Kona was fine. I'm quite adverse to ironing garments in general but this just needs a quick go over with the iron. Like most kids, my daughter doesn't like scratchy/itchy fabrics so for us, this was a great choice!