October New Year's Resolution project

A while back when planning what I'd be wanting to wear in October I was envisaging chilly mornings, falling leaves, Ugg boots and sweaters. I thought a nice slouchy hat would be just THE THING to wear with my Autumn wardrobe. I did not account for the fact that I live in Southern California, and just today, for example, the temperatures were in the 90s. (Not sure what that is in Celsius, but all you need to know is, it's hot). There's not even a breeze. Jeans, socks and long sleeves are out of place, let alone crochet beanies. Do I sound like I'm moaning? I probably am a bit.

Anyway, when the weather does finally cool down, I shall enjoy wearing this beanie, which I made as part of my Fiskars New Year's Resolution project. I used a free pattern, and I always appreciate people making their patterns available for free on their blogs. How nice!

You can go on over to the Fiskars project and read all about making it and also to get the link to the free pattern.

The pattern uses a magic loop to start and a back post single crochet (which I had never done before) so I made a little video on how to make both of those, in case you want to make yourself this hat and also don't know.


  1. Just found your blog and love it!!! Will definitely be back...your sewing is absolutely beautiful!

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