Love letters to lampshade

When I say love letters, I actually just mean the envelopes, stamps, postmarks and addresses. And these were the ones my husband (then boyfriend) wrote to me. I don't really fancy delving into the letters I wrote to him during years of missing him whilst traveling and living in different countries. I actually shudder to think about what I may have written to him. My teenage self is quite different to my adult self (and I'm hoping I'm not the first person to have ever said that). 

And besides, my husband was the best letter writer ever. He liked to doodle all over the envelopes and made envelopes and collages out of old magazine pages, cool pictures and comic strips. Over a decade later, these envelopes are pretty special to me and I used them to make a large scale fabric collage which I had printed by Spoonflower

You can go over to the Spoonflower blog post and read all about my process of making a picture collage like this and also how to actually cover a lampshade with it.

I LOVE my new lampshade and I should probably thank my husband for his contribution.


  1. What a great project! This is just lovely :)

  2. So cool. You have such great ideas for preserving precious things.

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