Snow capped toes?

If you're thinking that these shoes have seen better days, you'd be right. Actually they weren't worn for very long (about 6 weeks), but while I'm talking about them I may as well share that I was really disappointed in these Crocs. I usually love Crocs for my kids, especially the more common slip-on beachy shoes and I had high hopes for these when we bought them. My daughter wears a leg brace which extends from the ends of her toes to under her knee. She can't bend her ankle when she's wearing it and it's pretty bulky. This means that it's pretty hard trying to find shoes that fit her, especially since she only wears a brace on one leg. If they sold shoes with the left foot a size bigger than the right it would make my day!

Anyway, I typically buy her Converse style shoes because the laces start really low down and you can pull the tongue all the way out, open up the shoe and squeeze it on over the brace. It's a tight fit and this means that my daughter's shoes aren't expected to last very long because of the wear and tear. She only has one pair that she wears all the time and everywhere until it's worn out.

But, after a matter of about 2 weeks, these Crocs had already started to fall apart. In fact, the black strip that you see is missing on the right shoe above, fell off on the second day. The fabric has worn through on the sides and the sole of the heel is completely worn smooth. By comparison, the Converse boots I bought her to replace these Crocs have been worn everyday for about 4 months and are only now showing signs of needing to be replaced.

I'll be sticking with Converse shoes for her from now on, but it does annoy me when things you buy are a bit crappy (and the Crocs weren't cheap).

Anyway, we haven't completely thrown the Crocs away and I found them at the bottom of the shoes cubby and we thought they'd be an obliging guinea pig in our glittery experiment. I'm adding this project to my (very slim collection) Plaid Crafts Pinterest Board.

First, we sanded down the toes to make the surface slightly rough and to get off some of that dirt.

I taped along the edge of the toes to mask the cloth.

We (the kids) painted Mod Podge onto the white toes.

And we (I) sprinkled glitter over the glue.

We allowed it to dry for about 15 mins then applied another layer of glue and more glitter. We ended up doing 3 layers to get a nice thick coverage.

Some advice I had read recommended finishing the shoes with a finishing spray so that you don't lose all the glitter as you walk, run and jump. I found this unnecessary. We left to glue to completely dry and it became pretty solid and after shaking off the loose glitter, the rest stuck on nicely.

Here they are being modeled WITHOUT the leg brace. Nice for some fun running around time without the brace for a treat. My husband thinks it looks like her shoes are capped with snow. And he'd be right.


  1. Cute! Yes it does look like snow :)
    Gosh it's hard to find kids' shoes that last the distance isn't it. Jasper's shoes consistently last about 1 school term and it's depressing having to buy the same size again!

  2. So cute -- snow shoes! Glitter makes so many things better!