Felt flower brooch

A while back before the summer I made this felt flower brooch which I gave to my mum. She came to stay with me recently and she brought the brooch with her because she loves to wear it, a lot. She told me that people often stop her in the street and comment on it (my mum is well known for exaggerating) but while she was here and we were out together, guess what? So many people stopped her in the street to ask about her brooch! With great glee and pride she would tell them that I had made it. Then they'd comment on the beautiful bag she was carrying (also made by me!) and she'd be giving them my email address and contact details and trying to sort me out with commissions.

Before she left to go back home, I wanted to make her a little goodbye and I love you gift so I made her another brooch, but this time using more wintery/Christmassy colors. I also cut the flowers slightly differently, which I think I prefer.


  1. Gorgeous! And so clever! It's just a bit different to anything else I've seen around... think I'll give this a go :)

  2. Love the flower,
    But there is only half of the tutorial. Not everyone is Crafty enough to work out how to do the Brooch and bracelet
    Please post more details with photos. so I can make this lovely idea :)

  3. Those are so cool! Thanks for sharing how to make them!