Storyboek skirt

Have you seen Birch Fabrics before? They have some of the most lovely collections I have seen for a while. I bought just 2 pieces from their 'Storyboek' collection, though believe me when I say I could have bought more. Way more.

I sat on it for a while (not literally) because I wanted to make sure I made just the right thing with it and so eventually this week, I got around to making this cute skirt for my daughter. And I put together a quick tutorial for you while I did it.

My daughter is wears a size 5 and if she's not around for me to measure her waist, I take an item of her clothing I know fits her well, and use that as my waist measurement guide. Please adjust my measurements to fit your child.

This skirt is made up of 3 pieces that I shall call the waistband, the skirt and the bottom strip. The skirt is slightly gathered into the waistband to give the garment some fullness and a more a-line shape. The bottom strip not only gets you out of having to hem the skirt, but when done in a contrasting fabric, finishes the skirt in a sweet way.

Cut the waistband piece 36" x 6"
Cut the skirt 43" x 10"
Cut the bottom strip 43" x 2

A length of 3/4" wide elastic

1. Sew the waistband together at the short ends with the right sides facing and press the seam open.

2. Make a casing for the elastic. Either finish one of the top edges with a serger (like I did) or a zig zag stitch, then fold over the fabric 1" to the inside to create the casing. OR, fold over the fabric along one top edge 1/4" to the inside and press. Fold over again another 1" to create the casing. Stitch the casing closed but leave a 2" gap at the back of the waistband. This is where we will insert the elastic later.

3. Sew the short sides of the skirt piece together with right sides facing and press open the seam allowance.

4. Sew 2 rows of long basting stitches around the top edge of the skirt piece.

5. Pull the bobbin threads to gather the skirt. Make sure the skirt is inside out and the waistband is right sides out. Place the waistband inside the skirt and match the seams. Pin the waistband and skirt together, making sure the gathering is even around the skirt.

6. Finish the seam and press towards the skirt.

7. Take your bottom strip and press one long edge 1/4" to the wrong side and one short end to the wrong side.

8. Turn the skirt inside out and pin the unpressed raw edge of the bottom strip to the raw bottom edge of the skirt. Where the two ends of the strip meet, layer the pressed short end under the unpressed end. Stitch around the bottom of the skirt and press the seam towards the skirt.

9. Turn the bottom strip to the right side and fold up. Pin the folded edge to the right side of the skirt, enclosing the raw edges and stitch.

10. Insert the elastic through the waistband casing using a safety pin. Sew the two ends together and stitch the hole closed.

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  1. Your skirt is so cute. I like the contrasting bottom strip idea especially. My way of doing the waist is a lot easier though. I measure the elastic so it is comfortable, add a bit extra and sew it together. Then I just turn the top edge down and sew the elastic inside it. It gathers the waist as you sew the elastic inside and it is all done just that fast. Cherry