Linen zipper pouch {tutorial}

I had the good fortune, a couple of weeks ago, to teach a beginner's sewing class at the cool little preschool my son used to attend. We made zipper pouches, which is great beginner's project because it can be easily accomplished in an hour or so and you actually make something you can use.

Preparing for teaching this class, got me thinking about different ways the simple zipper pouch can be personalized and then I saw this tutorial from a fellow Fiskar's designer, who threaded her machine's bobbin with sock yarn. I never knew you could use anything other than cotton sewing thread in the bobbin, and I really wanted to have a go at doing this technique myself. And here is the result...

I purchased 4 skeins of DMC Perle Cotton No. 5 in autumnal red/orange tones and 1 skein of luminous yellow DMC 25 thread that I couldn't resist.

I chose a coordinating zipper and cut my linen to size; 2 pieces 10" x 7".

I love sewing with linen but it can be stretchy and wriggly, so before cutting my pieces, I often spray and iron the fabric with a spray starch. It seems to help keep the fabric from shifting under my ruler and rotary cutter.

Next, I hand-wound my bobbin with my embroidery thread. Wind slowly, being sure the thread isn't too tightly wound.

Insert the bobbin into the machine and pick up the thread as you would normally.

Sew slowly until you get the feel of the thread. I varied the distance between the lines for interest.

I just LOVE the colors I used. I think the bright yellow really stands out and I like the ombre effect it gives.

When I was finished sewing my lines, I snipped off the stray ends of thread and completed the pouch.

I lay my zipper face down onto the right side of my fabric and sewed across. I repeated this for the other side of my pouch.

Then I pinned the two pieces together, with right sides facing. Remember to unzip your zipper halfway before sewing, so that you can open the pouch.

I finished my seams with a quick run through the serger, but you can also zig zag stitch to reinforce, or snip with a pair of pinking shears to neaten. Turn right sides out and push out the corners to square them off.

Lovely! Zipper pouches are such useful things to have around.

I knew it would infuriate me if I didn't get my lines matched up perfectly at the seams, so I avoided the problem by sewing lines on one side only. Clever, clever. Which left space for my little label.


  1. Simply gorgeous! I love to add colourful stitching to hand embellish some of my ooak pillows - it is a great way to personalise. Great post!

  2. I'm digging those... colored pencils? WHERE did you get them?!


  3. Hi Amanda, my mum sent the pencils over from England. But you can find similar on good old Amazon :
    or I just found these on etsy :

  4. Just discovered your blog. FANTASTIC!! I LOVE the experimentation you did with the bobbin thread! And your delightful comments! Just love it! Thanks!

  5. Okay, I may actually do this! Thanks for the encouragement, Emma!
    Suzi #5563